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I have added a lambda() function to run-with-idle-timer like this:

(run-with-idle-timer my-configurable-idle-time t
                 (lambda ()
                    ;;; do something
                  ) )

Is it possible to remove this function at a later point again from the idle timer trigger?

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Yes, run-with-idle-timer returns a timer object which you can pass to cancel-timer.

If you did not keep the timer object around, you can modify timer-idle-list by hand.

See also Getting a list of running Emacs timers.

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I also came across a similar situation, where I wanted to kill a timer I started with:

(setq my-timer (run-with-timer 5 5 'my-func))


(cancel-timer my-timer) 

was not working because it said my-timer was not set (don't know why this was happening).

In addition to the method of the first poster, it can be killed with:

(cancel-function-timers 'my-func)

This cancels all the timers calling function 'my-func.

To kill it by altering timer-list, which I also tested, I did the following:

(length timer-list)  ;; I had two good, one bad
(cdr timer-list)  ;; I verified the last was the one I wanted to keep
(setq timer-list (cdr timer-list)) ;; I reset timer-list 

Obviously, this list structure will vary, so you'll have to adjust accordingly. Substitute "timer-idle-list" if you started your timer with (run-with-idle-timer)

This should also work if you started your timer with 'gamegrid-start-timer and 'gamegrid-kill-timer is not working, since 'gamegrid-start-timer is essentially just a wrapper for 'run-with-timer

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One more solution: if you're out of luck and can't actually cancel the timer, you can always use

(defvar my-timer-enabler t)
(run-with-idle-timer my-configurable-idle-time t
                    (lambda ()
                      (when my-timer-enabler
                        ;;; do something

So you can disable the timer by setting my-timer-enabler to nil. And you can later re-enable the timer by simply setting the var back to t.

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