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I am trying to test configuration builder in my bundle:

This is my DependencyInjection/Configuration.php

class Configuration implements ConfigurationInterface
     * Generates the configuration tree.
     * @return TreeBuilder
    public function getConfigTreeBuilder()
        $treeBuilder = new TreeBuilder();
        $rootNode = $treeBuilder->root('product_viewer');

        $supportedDrivers = array('REST', 'SOAP');

                            ->thenInvalid('The driver %s is not supported. Please choose one of '.json_encode($supportedDrivers))

        return $treeBuilder;

my test:

  * @test
public function fullCondig() {
    $extension = new ProductCalculatorExtension();
    $config = $this->loadConfig('config1'); //this method only load yaml from file and parse it 
    $extension->load(array($config), new ContainerBuilder());

and tested config looks like:

    car : 
        webservice_type : REST
        rest_url: 'example.com'

unfortunately every test I got:

Symfony\Component\Config\Definition\Exception\InvalidConfigurationException: Unrecognized options "product_viewer" under "product_viewer"

I am out of idea what could be wrong here?

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