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I have this query here which I use in order to get the sum of a certain column, however I keep getting the error Undefined index.

$sql_shuma="SELECT SUM(vlera) AS shuma "
          ."FROM   servis_pjeset_perdorura "
          ."WHERE  random = $random";
$resultshuma = odbc_exec($connection, $sql_shuma) or die(odbc_error());

while( $rowshuma = odbc_fetch_array($resultshuma) ) {
    echo $total1 = $rowshuma['shuma'];

What am I doing wrong here? Maybe it's the $total1 value, I don't know how to save the result.


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It seems to be PHP and not SQL issue. I suggest that you add [PHP] tag to your post. –  PM 77-1 Mar 7 '13 at 14:06
Do a print_r($rowshuma) to see what is in there. According to one user comment on the odbc_fetch_array() docs, it may not always return an associative array. Keys may be numeric instead. –  Michael Berkowski Mar 7 '13 at 14:17

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Is $random an integer? If not, you must use ' ' to delimit the string, like this:

$sql_shuma="SELECT SUM(vlera) AS shuma FROM servis_pjeset_perdorura WHERE random = '$random'";
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