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My script is called by server. From server i'll receive ID_OF_MESSAGE and TEXT_OF_MESSAGE.

In my script i'll handle incomming text and generate response with params: ANSWER_TO_ID and RESPONSE_MESSAGE.

The problem is that I'm sending response to incomming "ID_OF_MESSAGE", but server which send me message to handle will set his message as delivered to me (it means I can send him response to that ID), after receiving http response 200.

One of solution is to save message to database and make some cron which will be running each minute, but i need to generate response message immidiatelly.

Is there some solution how to send to server http response 200 and than continue executing php script?

thank you a lot

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Yes. You can do this:


// do initial processing here
echo $response; // send the response
header('Connection: close');
header('Content-Length: '.ob_get_length());

// now the request is sent to the browser, but the script is still running
// so, you can continue...
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Is it possible to do it with a keep-alive connection ? –  Congelli501 Jul 9 at 19:14
Excellent!! This is the only response to this question that actually works!!! 10p+ –  Martin_Lakes Aug 1 at 19:13
Awesome answer! The only thing I changed was set_time_limit(0);. You do probably want it to run for longer than the default 30 seconds, but indefinitely could cause problems if it goes into an infinite loop! I have a longer value set in my php.ini file. –  CJ Dennis Aug 21 at 14:25

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