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I'm trying to copy several files from several folders into 1 folder with this code:

for /R \\wiki\help\images %%f in (*.jpg, *.png, *.gif) do (
    copy %%f "\\\wikitest\wiki\wikiimages"

However, it copies all the files as wikiimages, and I can't get around it. I just want to use the copy command, not an external program (so no xcopy or the like). How can I do this?

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I'm pretty sure

for /R \wiki\help\images %%f in (*.jpg, *.png, *.gif) do copy %%f "\\wikitest\wiki\wikiimages\"

is the way to fix this, it usually need the \ to know its a folder and not a filename.

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yep im a moron.. i tried to do that but i was getting the "system cant find the specified path", i didnt realice it was calling wikimages instead of wikiimages –  Damian Mar 7 '13 at 14:48
Glad I helped you realise that although I did not find the problem, cheers. –  ThePH Mar 7 '13 at 14:50

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