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Hi guys I'm using to solve the following using R:

enter image description here

I've coded to following script in R but the last 2 lines have given errors that I don't know how to fix in order to progress.


Note 'cystfibr.csv' is the following in excel and saved on my documents

enter image description here

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If you include some section of craven using dput(head(craven, 10)) and the errors you're seeing, we can begin to offer help. Without those two things, it will be speculation. – Justin Mar 7 '13 at 15:09
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Please do not use attach() unless you know what it does - use for example the data argument of lm().

Looking at your excel-sheet it looks like your variable names are all lowercase, however in you model specification the names start with an uppercase letter. This might cause the error (which error?).

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