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I have a file which has hundreds of links like this:

<a href="" icon="">Ex 1</a>
<a href="" icon="">Ex 2</a>
<a href="" icon="">Ex 3</a>

So I want to remove all the elements


from all the lines. I went through the official Notepad++ regex wiki and have come up with this after several trials:


The problem with this is, it is selecting past the second double quote and stopping at the next occurring double quote. To illustrate, this will select the following content:

icon="data:image/png;base64,...jbvebich4sec9zgth1sfue1cdt...">EX 1</a> <a href="

If I modify the above regex to,


Then it is almost perfect, but it is also selecting the >:


The regex I am looking for would select like this:


I also tried the following, but it doesn't match anything at all

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Just match anything but a quote, followed by a quote:


Just tested with notepad++ 6.2.2 and confirmed that this matches correctly as written.

Broken down:


This is fairly obvious, match the literal text icon=".


This means to match any character that is not a ". Adding the + after it means "one or more times."

Finally we match another literal ".

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This worked. Thank you. In fact icon="[^"]+ also worked. – Animesh Mar 7 '13 at 15:23

I am not a notepad++ user. so don't know how notepad++ plays with regex, but can you try to replace

icon=\"[^>]* to (empty string) ?

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That would replace everything past icon=" — the OP is already replacing too much using their current solution! – Barney Mar 7 '13 at 15:13
he wants to remove the whole icon="..." attribute, doesn't he? So I want to remove all the elements icon="data:..." @Barney did u test it? it won't replace "everything" after icon=" it will do it till the first > – Kent Mar 7 '13 at 15:14

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