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My device is a rooted one.

I know that for rebooting device we use shell command "su -c reboot". In some other posts I see people posting shutdown command as "su -c shutdown", but this does not work and also there is a permission called ACTION_SHUTDOWN but those permissions are used for system applications.

Is there any command which shut downs the device?

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 * Low-level function turn the device off immediately, without trying
 * to be clean.  Most people should use
 * {@link} for a clean shutdown.
 * @deprecated
 * @hide
public static native void shutdown();

try using:

su reboot -p.

This works on some devices however it does not shutdown cleanly.

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I was actually trying to execute "su rebbot -p" . It did not work for me, but when I execute the commands seperately as ( su , reboot -p) in different processes then it worked –  user1810931 Mar 7 '13 at 15:56

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