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We want to be able to publish Excel 2013 workbooks containing Power View reports into SharePoint 2013 and see them via Excel Services application.
Currently instead of the actual report we see the default Power View error page without any error message or log entry.

Here is some additional information:
1. The rest of the workbook (regular excel and powerpivot sheets) is rendered correctly.
2. Power View reports created inside SharePoint document libraries (RDLX reports) are rendered correctly. 3. PowerPivot and Power View are reconfigured and veryfied according to official step-by-step guides.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what we might miss or done wrong?
Thanks in advance.

Edit: I did a lot of debugging and could finally find a related error message. It's a NullReferenceException in Microsoft.AnalysisServices.SPAddin.ReportGallery.SnapshotHandler.RegisterGlobalExtensionHandlers() method. This exception is thrown only once after application pool reset and when I upload an XLSX workbook to a document library.
I checked the method code in .NET Reflector and seems I've found the section where the exception is being thrown.

CustomCaptureSection customCaptureSection = (CustomCaptureSection)ConfigurationManager.GetSection("ReportGalleryCustomCapture");
SnapshotHandler.MaxSnapshotsCount = customCaptureSection.MaxSnapshotsCount;
SnapshotHandler.SnapshotCaptureTimeoutS = (long)((int)customCaptureSection.SnapshotCaptureTimeoutSeconds);
SnapshotHandler.CreateProcessMethodForSnapshot = customCaptureSection.CreateProcessMethodForSnapshot;

In my understanding, runtime is not able to get that section from configuration. I tried to find the section name in SharePoint hive and inetpub but with no luck. Is there another place I can look for configuration files? Or can someone verify that this section exists at all?

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If the workbook is stores on premise, your host config is in Office Web Apps Server view mode (SharePoint Server configured to render workbooks by using Office Web Apps Server), and your workbook is opened in the Excel Web App power view sheets are not visible. Is this the mode you're in? They're also not visible on Skydrive.

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No, that's not my case. SharePoint is configured to use Excel Services, so there should be no problem with rendering Power View reports. – gev Mar 13 '13 at 9:47
Check out the table halfway down:… – KLDavenport Mar 14 '13 at 14:14
Yes, it says On Premise + Excel Services should render interactive Power View reports. – gev Mar 14 '13 at 14:19
I will try to replicate it on our systems and get back to you. I forgot to ask is the Powerview add-in and PowerPivot enabled in the excel app creating/viewing the file? – KLDavenport Mar 15 '13 at 17:55
Thanks anyway, I appreciate your help! – gev Apr 12 '13 at 7:37

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