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I am making a program for a reddit bot. Part of this program requires me to search a file for a query to prevent double posting here is my code:

def search (filetosearch,query):
    with open(filetosearch, 'r') as inF:
        for line in inF:
            if len(str(line)) == 0 | query not in line:
                return False
                return True

Whenever I run it, it returns None! Why is is skipping the return statements? The file I am trying to search is empty.

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If the file is empty, then you are never entering your for loop, as there is nothing for the loop to iterate over.

Just add a return False at the end of the function for that edge case.

You also do not want to return yet when a line does not match the query, simply loop to the next line instead:

def search (filetosearch, query):
    with open(filetosearch, 'r') as inF:
        for line in inF:
            if query in line:
                return True

    return False

Note that your break statements are redundant; the function is exited immediately when a return statement is executed, the next line with the break statement is never reached.

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Can i remove the: if len (str(line))==0 stuff now? – user2142407 Mar 7 '13 at 15:50
@user76255: I gave you a better implementation (which tests if there is anything in the line minus a newline). – Martijn Pieters Mar 7 '13 at 15:51
Why dose it not look in the file? – user2142407 Mar 7 '13 at 15:51
@user76255: The file is empty; what do you expect to find? – Martijn Pieters Mar 7 '13 at 15:52
Thanks for the help!! – user2142407 Mar 7 '13 at 15:53

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