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I try to realize the following (braindump):

  • Think of a 2 Col Master Detail Browser. Col 1 is the list of items and Col 2 is the actual item.
  • If you enter the view, only Col 1 is populated (with the list). Corresponding Routes might be:

    this.resource('items', {path: '/items'}, function() {
      this.resource('item', {path: '/:item_id'});
  • Of you select and item from the list, a corresponding view (detail) is shown in Col 2

  • [easy until here]
  • The solution must use restful URLs and the back-button must work
  • It must be possible to only render either of the columns (1 col mode) depending on a boolean decision that is known at render time

Cases in 2-Col-Mode:

 - #/items         --> Col 1 [item list], Col 2 []
 - #/items/123     --> Col 1 [item list], Col 2 [item 123]

Cases in 1-Col-Mode:

 - #/items         --> Col 1 [item list], Col 2 [n / a] 
 - #/items/123     --> Col 1 [item 123],  Col 2 [n / a]

I've tried several solutions now but none made me happy.

  • Just build both variants is too DRY I think
  • A naive solution based on two outlets does not work for me because of HTML structure constraints
  • The closest I came with a single container view where childs are pushed programmatically
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