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All I'm trying to do is to call a function when a DIV is scrolled.For simplicity sake Im not specifying anything else. Also I am only looking at DOM compliant browsers like Chrome,Safari (not IE).

MY problem is that the scroll handler never gets called. If I replace the scroll to click , it works when I click. Somehow the scroll is not working.

please note: I cannot use jQuery :(

Here is my code:


<div id="test">--long content--</div>


   function myFunc() {
        console.log('in myFunc');
    var objTable = document.getElementById("test");

    objTable.addEventListener("scroll", function () {
    }, false);



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This is because the window is scrolling not the div. Try changing your element listener to the parent of the div (in this case the window) like this.

window.addEventListener("scroll", function () {
}, false);
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Thanks, you're right. I added an overflow attribute to my DIV and added some content.Now it works even on the DIV object. Have updated the fiddle. –  Sajjan Sarkar Mar 7 '13 at 16:22

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