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I must have missed something in setting up a custom template context as it's never getting called.

In settings:


in web/context_processors.py

from libs.utils import get_hat, get_project, my_hats

print 'heloooo'

def my_hat(request):
    """Insert some additional information into the template context
    import pdb

    print 'hiiiiiiii'

    return {'hat': get_hat(request),
        'project': get_project(request),

nothing is output and django processes view and displays template without ever hitting this. What have I missed!?

Thanks Insin, the bits I had missed:

In the view.py

return render_to_response(template, {
        'tasks': tasks,

In the template:

  My current hat is {{hat}}
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Did you remember to use RequestContext when rendering the template?

As of Django 1.3, there is a new shortcut function, render, which uses RequestContext by default: :

return render(request, template, {
    'tasks': tasks,
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No as from my extensive googling the examples don't show it! stackoverflow.com/questions/557460/… stackoverflow.com/questions/1025025/… lethain.com/entry/2007/jun/14/… ... –  PhoebeB Oct 7 '09 at 13:22

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