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I need to develop an application in Java EE technology. One of the the tasks is : Every user having a special profile should get a different view. It means that I have many functionalities but not everyone has everything.

So I dont know if it exists a framework which might help me to condition the view according to the user ( the profile ).

Thank you a lot in advance.

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In my case, using Spring Security Framework was a pretty good solution.

After configuring the framework, you need to define your namespace for the Spring Security Facelets Tag Library :


Then you can use the tag :


as follow :

<sec:authorize ifAnyGranted="ROLE_FOO, ROLE_BAR">
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

At this way users owning any of the 2 roles is able to see "Lorem ipsum....".

And there are more possible attributes. For more details you can check the Spring Security documentation.

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