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I have web app in Java servlets.

I looking for a way to test it automatic so it will replace Manual Testing.

Is JUnit is the right choice? I doubt it...

The tests I want to do are:

  • Menu navigation, so it leads to the right pages.
  • No 404 errors.
  • Loading time not above 2 seconds.
  • No Javascripts errors.
  • Form submit, all validations on fields.
  • Browser compatibility test.

Note: I will be glad to here about more tests also..

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JUnit is actually a good choice for many applications. The JUnit Cookbook is a great resource to start on reading.

Other than that, I think that Selenium is also great!

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Try yo use HttpUnit. Also, take look on automated testing of web.

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Watir/Watij are also good tools for automatic testing of web applications

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TestNG is quite good and I use Selenium WebDriver

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You can use the Sahi Java Driver. It will provide better identifiers than selenium and will be easy to setup and work with.

In fact if you are not in deep love with Java and can spare some for Javascript, your tests will be much more simpler to develop. You should give it a try.

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