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I'm using Google MarkerClusterer. I'd like to decluster all the markers whenever the map goes above zoom level 15.

There is a maxZoom setting in the configuration options, but the documentation does not make it clear what it is supposed to do.

I have tried setting it as follows, but the map remains clustered whatever zoom level I set the map to:

    new_mc = new MarkerClusterer(map, newco_markers, {
      maxZoom: 9

Am I doing something wrong, have I misunderstood what the option is supposed to do, or is there another way to fix this?

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Setting the maxZoom level on this example, declusters all the markers for zoom level 8 and above.

To reproduce: 1. set Max zoom level to 7 2. click refresh map 3. change the zoom level to 0 (the furthest out) 4. click the "+" on the zoom slider 8 times.

The documentation for MarkerClustererPlus is a little clearer:

maxZoom | number | The maximum zoom level at which clustering is enabled or null if clustering is to be enabled at all zoom levels. The default value is null.

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