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I'm trying to get Box2D running with my Cocos2d-x project. I'm adding collision detection but I get a linker error Undefined symbols for architecture i386: "CContactListener::CContactListener()", referenced from: HelloWorld::init() in HelloWorldScene.o

I've tried several things and researched for a few days but can't figure it out. Any help wold be great. Here's some code pieces


 CContactListener *_contactListener; //Variable declared and #include "ContactListener.h" is present at the top


_contactListener = new CContactListener(); //This line gets the error


class CContactListener : public b2ContactListener {


virtual void BeginContact(b2Contact* contact);
virtual void EndContact(b2Contact* contact);
virtual void PreSolve(b2Contact* contact, const b2Manifold* oldManifold);    
virtual void PostSolve(b2Contact* contact, const b2ContactImpulse* impulse);



#include "ContactListener.h"

CContactListener::CContactListener(): _contacts() 

//...other functions
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this looks odd: CContactListener::CContactListener(): _contacts() is this legal in C++? I've only seen it used for member variables of a class that aren't objects (except for setting them to nil). –  LearnCocos2D Mar 7 '13 at 18:14
Every example of implementing a contact listener has it so I would assume it's ok. –  David Small Mar 7 '13 at 19:59
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CContactListener.cpp was not added the the target build in Xcode. I simply checked the target box for my project in the File Inspector for the .ccp file. Easy fix.

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