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I'd like something that converts a simple calculator like ascii math syntax to mathML.

I found this:

But I don't understand how to use it.. I'd like to make it work from the command line for example, so that I feed it some math formula and get back the mathMl version. How could I do it? Is there any other program like this, maybe in a less browser oriented language than javascript?

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Perl has Text::ASCIIMathML, which works quite well.

Adapted from the Synopsys section:


use strict;
use warning;
use Text::ASCIIMathML;

my $parser = Text::ASCIIMathML->new;

my $ASCIIMathML = "int_0^1 e^x dx";

print $parser->TextToMathML($ASCIIMathML);

gives (reformatted for legibility):

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