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I've written a method that basically looks like this:

public function collectData($input, FooInterface $foo) {
   $data = array();
   $data['products']['name'] = $this->some_method();
   if(empty($input['bar'])) {
       $data['products']['type'] = "Baz";
   // hundreds of calls later

Now I'd like to unit test the collectData method to check if values in $data are set for certain inputs. For object parameters I'd normally use a mock like this:

$mock = $this->getMock('FooInterface');

But how would I test for certain nested array keys (for example, if $data['products']['prices']['taxgroup'] is 1), ignoring all other keys that might be in the array? Does PHPUnit or Mockery provide such checks? Or could they easily extended to provide such a check?

Or is it better to do what I'm doing at the moment: create my own FooClassMock class that implements FooInterface and just stores the data in the persist call?

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You have one more option, but only if you use PHPUnit >= 3.7. There is a callback assertion and you can use it like this:

$mock = $this->getMock('FooInterface', array('persist');
         ->with($this->callback(function($object) {
             // here you can do your own complex assertions

             return true|false;

Here is more details:


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It turns out, there is a way - I can create my own constraint class. After that, it's easy:

$constraint = new NestedArrayConstraint(
    array('products', 'prices', 'taxgroup'),
$mock = $this->getMock('FooInterface', array('persist'));
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