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I've got a Haskell file, Saturn.hs, and a C++ file hssaturn.cpp and hssaturn.h, in the directory src/Galakhsy/. hssaturn.cpp needs libsaturn.cpp and/or libsaturn.hpp, which are in lib/saturn/src/lib/.

I have no idea how to compile it properly, any pointers?

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Whenever somebody says "C++" and "any pointers?" in the same sentence, I feel the urge to make awful puns... ;-) –  MathematicalOrchid Mar 7 '13 at 19:29
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Compile all the C++ files to object files using g++ -c filename.cpp. This produces, in your case, hssaturn.o and libsaturn.o. Then compile your Haskell program with ghc --make -o whatever Saturn.hs hssaturn.o libsaturn.o. Also specify any shared libraries needed by the C++ stuff with -lblabla. You probably at least need the C++ standard library, i.e. -lstdc++, making the GHC command something like

ghc --make -o whatever Saturn.hs hssaturn.o libsaturn.o -lstdc++

(well, modulo the correct paths for the two object files).

Also remember to prevent name mangling by using extern "C" for the C++ functions you call from Haskell.

Addendum: The name libsaturn makes me think it is perhaps a library. You might want to consider compiling it as that and simply linking dynamically (with the -l switch to GHC as above).

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