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I have 2 projects: my main project in which the applet is, and a second project from which I use some classes. I added the second project to my main projects build path. But when I run my applet in Chrome, it gives an error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: chapter13/MessagePanel. chapter13/MessagePanel is the class that I imported from the second project into my main project.

I call the applet like this(the html file is in the main project root folder):

      code = "myapplets/DisplayMessageApp.class"
      width = 250
      height = 50>

What can I do so that the applet can see the "chapter13/MessagePanel" class from the second project?

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"main project root folder" All of this futzing with the IDE becomes irrelevant by time of deployment. At that time, the classes need to be on the run-time class-path (specified in HTML) of the applet. – Andrew Thompson Mar 7 '13 at 19:02
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The simplest thing is to bundle all the required classes in a jar file and then specify this as the archive.

Like this: André

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