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I downloaded the Heroku Toolbelt, then i ran the cmd and ran the command Heroku login.

I entered my credentials after that as per https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/facebook#heroku-account-and-tools-setup

I got the message:

Could not find an existing public key. Would you like to generate one? [Yn]

I typed y then I got the following message

Generating new SSH public key.

!    Could not generate key: 'ssh-keygen' is not recognized as an internal or e
xternal command,
 !    operable program or batch file.

Then I did some more research and ran the ssh-keygen.exe present in ..\Git\bin

However I got the same error as here.

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I got my mistake I had not created any file in ..\Git\bin when running the ssh-keygen.exe then we must type the full location in my case it was ..\Git\bin\myfile –  tanay tandon Mar 8 '13 at 9:49

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you should try running the git command prompt. Which you can find under \programfiles\git\Git Bash. In case you do not have git then install from http://git-scm.com/download/win.

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Upon trying Heroku tonight I got the same final error: under windows, it is just a matter of %path% (bad heroku install package).

solution: simply execute 'heroku login' within the ssh.keygen.exe directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin

Then everything works fine with no more changes.

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@Massimiliano: Please do not include signatures, links to your personal site, or other personal things at the end of your posts. –  animuson Jul 6 '13 at 8:54

add the GIT C:\Program Files (x86)\git\bin to the PATH environment variable before the heroku path and it worked for me.

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