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I have an XML doc that looks similar to:

<schedule techs="52" date="2009-10-06">

<tech name="Ryan (RI, MA, CT, NH)" value="1">

<time value="4">
<HONAME value="Ronald Baron"/>
<ADDRESS value="35 Liepis rd"/>
<CITY value="Canterbury"/>
<STATE value="CT"/>
<ZIP value="06331"/>
<JOBNUMBER value="33028"/>
<RESULT value="C"/>
<NOTES value=""/>
<BOARD value=""/>

<time value="9-1">
<HONAME value="Howard McFadzen"/>
<ADDRESS value="77 Crown St. Extension"/>
<CITY value="Meriden"/>
<STATE value="CT"/>
<ZIP value="06450"/>
<JOBNUMBER value="9188"/>
<RESULT value=""/>
<NOTES value="Close ticket 10097792 System keeps sending RF interference and receiver tamper, please fix"/>
<BOARD value="10-1 please"/>

How do I use JavaScript/jQuery to test for empty nodes? I need to be able to check for several times and if a certain time node such as 1-5 isn't in the XML, I need to run a different function. Any ideas?

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Try using the attribute equals selector

if($('time[value=1-5]').length > 0)
    // time 1-5 exists
    // time 1-5 doesn't exists
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awesome! i had to modify it slightly to use a for/in loop with vars, but for the most part this worked perfectly, thanks! – mlebrun15 Oct 7 '09 at 14:48
I need to use attribute equals selectors more. – Stefan Kendall Oct 7 '09 at 18:47

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