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I working to develop small HTTPS server that will be included in my android application. And the client will be browser. User can browse to the contain that I have on my HTTPS server. Can someone tell me what kind of setup do I need as far as the certificate and private/public keys are concerned. I am planning to use openssl to create my self-signed certificate.

FYI, I have initial setup done. And since my certificate is self-signed, browser displays warning to accept it on your own risk. So I believe server authentication is working. What do I need for server to authenticate the client ?


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The problem with hosting an HTTPS webserver on an android device is that the certificates are validated using a domain name. Without a domain name the client browser will display an error unless the server certificate is installed and trusted locally.

The two options are:

  1. Register a domain name, use dynamic dns, and then request an ssl/tls certificate based on that name.
  2. Installing self-signed certificate programmatically

There is an Android library that supports https: http://tjws.sourceforge.net/

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