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Continuied from json back reference.

I just want to travarse a hierarchy and set a property parent to its parent node. so that its both way travarsable

function attach_back_reference(hierarchy, parent){
        for(var i in hierarchy){
                    attach_back_reference(hierarchy[i], hierarchy);
            else if(jQuery.isArray(hierarchy[i]))
                for(var it in hierarchy[i])
                        attach_back_reference(hierarchy[i][it], hierarchy);
        hierarchy.parent = parent;

The above function works well in chrome, opera, firefox, IE9 . except IE 8 where it says Out of stack space. But I don't see anywhere it goes towards infinite recursion

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Just in case you have some sort of loop in your tree, I'd suggest adding if(hierarchy.parent)return; at the top of the function. –  Dave Mar 7 '13 at 20:06

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Here's a version of your code which doesn't use recursion, so won't suffer from this:

function attach_back_reference( hierarchy, parent ) {
    var q = [{obj:hierarchy, p:parent}];
    while( q.length ) {
        var o = q.pop( ), x = o.obj;
        if( x.parent ) {
        for( var i in x ) {
            if( jQuery.isPlainObject( x[i] ) ) {
                q.push( {obj:x[i], p: x} );
            } else if( jQuery.isArray( x[i] ) ) {
                for( var j in x[i] ) {
                    q.push( {obj:x[i][j], p: x} );
        o.p && (x.parent = o.p);

(it also won't hang if given a graph with loops, but that's still not a good idea)

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As per this answer IE8 has a much smaller stack limit than other browsers, so I guess your javascript might actually be reaching the limits of IE8.

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