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i want to use jQPlot with Struts, i have a json result output from a struts action like:


but i want to get the data like:

['18-03-2010', 56],
['19-03-2010', 43],
['17-03-2010', 84]

this is my action mapping :

@Action(value="getData", results = {
    @Result(name="success",type = "json", params = {

i want to hide the jqPlotJSONFormat in the json result

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Set the root object to be the jqPlotJSONFormat, roughly (XML version):

<result type="json">
  <param name="root">

Instead of "includeProperties" in your params, use "root". This declares the root of the JSON object. With "includeProperties" the action is still the root (e.g., properties will be named).

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+1 More specifically in the OPs case changing the params to be: "root", "jqPlotJSONFormat" –  Quaternion Mar 8 '13 at 0:24

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