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I'm very much out of it. I looked into Facebook Developer and it didn't have what I am looking for. I am making an iOS and Android app for a VBS program. I was wanting to add their official Facebook Photo Album to the app so when the user has wifi, they can view it after tapping a UITableView Cell.

I need advice on where to start. Is there a tutorial I have overlooked on Google that will show me what I need? I use App Inventor for Android. I use Xcode for iOS devices.

What I was wanting to do for this app is simple: Give people access of the Facebook Album for this event... it saves me space and makes it more pleasing to them. They cannot touch/modify anything in the album.

Danke! -TG52

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What do you mean their "official Facebook Photo Album"? – Tommy Crush Mar 7 '13 at 20:17
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You can get a user or pages albums by the Graph API endpoint PAGE_OR_USER_ID/albums. Once you know what the album ID is, you can simply call ALBUM_ID/photos. This will return numerous photo objects, each with a picture and source properties. Play around in the API Explorer to learn how the responses are formatted.

From here, you'll have the url and height and width of each photo. Build your UIView as you see fit.

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Thanks @Tommy Crush! I'm sorry it took a while to respond, this is very helpful! – HowbeitGirl Mar 18 '13 at 18:21

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