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Suppose I have a RESTful api with Team and Players, many to many relationship.

I can get the players from a specific team with:

GET /api/team/{team_id}/players

I would like to make some more complex querys, but I don't know which is the best practice for uri design.

Specifically I want to:

  1. Get players that are NOT part of any team.
  2. Get players that are NOT part of a specific team.

What is the best approach for this?

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If teams and players have a many to many relationship I personally wouldn't use this uri design. If a player can play for more than one team then you will end up with player uris that are not unique. For example say that a particular player plays for both team 5 and team 6, they might be represented by both the following uris (assuming teams and players both have numeric ids)


Instead I would move things around a bit, you could represent the player with this uri:


And each team with these uris (pluralized for consistency)


Then you can search for members of teams like this


NOT IN queries are open to interpretation, but you could so something similar to how django model filters work and introduce suffixed query parameters along these lines:


For players not in any team you have a few options


Perhaps the second of those is less ambiguous

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Route syntax like


require defined team_id allways.

Use GET params to filter with this property.

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