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I was wondering if there is way to store where clause conditions and not calculate them more than once in order to determine which one was satisfied. Here is what I am talking about: select col, col1>5 cond1, col2<400 cond2 from table where col1>5 or col2<400

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I don't think you should worry about calculating the simple comparisons like col1 > 5 more than once for each row, but in order to save typing in a more complex query, you may do like this:

SELECT col, col1 > 5 AS cond1, col2 < 400 AS cond2
FROM table
HAVING cond1 or cond2

Using having instead of where gives access to the aliases introduced in the select clause.

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+1..Exactly what I wanted :) Typing it twice is the main reson –  alexanderg Mar 7 '13 at 20:54

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