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I need to move data from a datareader into a Farpoint Spreadsheet component in a Windows form. The DataSource of an fps sheet can't be set to a datareader. I don't want to change my app to use ADO just for this purpose.

Right now I'm looping through the query data and pushing it into the sheet cell-by-cell. That's ugly, and I am sure performance will suffer for large datasets (though I haven't tried it yet).

Does anyone here know a better way to get a datareader into one of these components? I'm using VB.NET, but a C# example would be fine.

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I'm not familiar with the product, but you can try loading the reader into a DataTable and binding that if it's supported.

Dim dt as Datatable
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That sounds like a good idea. I'll give it a try tonight when I'm looking @ the code again. –  JosephStyons Sep 30 '08 at 12:46
Worked like a charm. Saved me a lot of trouble. Thx –  JosephStyons Oct 1 '08 at 1:19

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