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I am parsing an XML feed on my site, and one of the feeds shows up in the following format: Title of News Story (January 15th, 2013). I would like to remove the parenthesis and all content inside of it.

I stored the entire string in a variable like so: var title = $(this).text();

I then use jquery's each to loop through every RSS title like so:

$('h4 a').each(function() {

      var title = $(this).text();


I can then use regex to grab the content inside the parenthesis and alert it like so:

var title = $(this).text();
var regex = new RegExp('\\((.*?)\\)', 'g');
var match, matches = [];
while(match = regex.exec(title))

This is fine, but how would I delete these form the string?

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So what have you tried in order to remove this content? – Mike Brant Mar 7 '13 at 21:01
I am not familiar with RegEx, so I have not tried using it, yet... – JCHASE11 Mar 7 '13 at 21:02
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You can use this as a base, and refine your regular expression as you need for the date.

$('h4 a').each(function() {
    var new_text = $(this).text().replace(/((\s*)\((.*)\))/, "");
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this is great, thanks Derek! – JCHASE11 Mar 7 '13 at 21:13

If you are confident that titles will follow the same pattern, you don't need to use regular expressions to accomplish this:

function removeDate(title) {
    var index = title.lastIndexOf('(');
    return title.substr(0, index).trim();

$('h4 a').each(function() {
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