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Once you have successfully migrated a local SQL Server database up to SQL Azure, how can you use the SQL Azure Migration Wizard to re-migrate (or sync if you will) the database?

I get a number of errors, and the migration hangs when I attempt to re-run the wizard.

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One possibility I've thought of that seems to work "okay" is to have "Prod", "Staging" and "Dev" versions of the SQL Azure database. Then, within the Azure portal, delete the "Dev" or "Staging" databases... re-create them (same names). Then re-migrate the local development database with the Azure "dev" database using the SQL Azure Migration Wizard tool. That usually goes well, and smooth. Then - use the good old SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare tools to sync between the SQL Azure databases. Thoughts? Too "hacky"?? –  tripletdad99 Mar 8 '13 at 15:37

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I'm not sure if the SQL Azure Migration Wizard will re-migrate/sync data.

To sync data, I you have a few options to consider:

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We have recently purchased Red Gate's Comparison Bundle, and do use the SQL Data Compare tool... but in a development cycle, the schema is generally what is changing often and needs to be sync'd up to SQL Azure. SQL Compare does a fantastic job, but has many issues when syncing from "normal" SQL Server databases up to SQL Azure. –  tripletdad99 Mar 8 '13 at 14:07

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