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I have always been curious to to what the crazy number of Windows Registry keys do. Is there any way to determine what a certain key does? Or what about if I wanted to see the keys that relate to a specific area?

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Copy the entire key into google and see what comes up. I googled one at random and it turned out to be a key related to the install configuration.

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Ah, good one. Never thought of that (somehow)... I am curious as to what to do if that didn't work, though. –  CamronBute Mar 7 '13 at 22:19

The SysInternals process viewer can log registry access events in real time, so if you suspect that a particular registry key is used by a particular piece of software, you can run the software and do whatever activities may involve the registry key and see whether the log contains any references to it.

More generally, I suppose you could grep all of your DLLs and EXEs to see if their static data segments contain the name of the registry key.

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I'm not asking "what keys does this software use", I'm interested in more like "what keys are related to UBS hubs?". Thanks for the suggestions, though! It's always good to have tools to turn to when messing with the registry... –  CamronBute Mar 7 '13 at 21:34

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