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I'm doing the sentiment analysis for the Arabic language , I want to creat my own corpus , to do that , I collect 300 status from facebook and I classify them into positive and negative , now I want to do the tokenization of these status , in order to obain a list of words , and hen generate unigrams and bigrams, trigrams and use the cross fold validation , I'm using for the moment the nltk python, is this software able to do this task fr the arabic language or the rapis Minner will be better to work with , what do you think and I'm wondering how to generate the bigrams, trigrams and use the cross fold validation , is there any idea ??

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If you use the right tokenizer, NLTK can handle Arabic. See: stackoverflow.com/questions/13035595/…. –  verbsintransit Mar 7 '13 at 21:47
I have had better luck with MALLET. I agree with the comment above. The right tokenizer can handle Arabic. Once you have the text tokenized then the rest of the pipeline is unchanged. –  Shane Panter Mar 15 '13 at 22:57

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Well, I think that rapidminer is very interesting and can handle this task. It contains several operators dealing with text mining. Also, it allows the creation of new operators with high fluency.

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