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I want to insert some data in my Custom-Object Class, but I get the error: "Forbidden. Need user.". Here's my code:

HashMap<String, Object> fields = new HashMap<String, Object>();
fields.put("user", username);
fields.put("name", ada.getTitle());
fields.put("type", ada.getType());
fields.put("text", ada.getText());
fields.put("status", ada.getStatus());
QBCustomObject qbCustomObject = new QBCustomObject();
QBCustomObjects.createObject(qbCustomObject, new QBCallback() {
            public void onComplete(Result result) {
            // get creates score
            QBCustomObjectResult qbCustomObjectResult = (QBCustomObjectResult) result;
                    QBCustomObject qbCustomObject = qbCustomObjectResult.getCustomObject();

             public void onComplete(Result result, Object o) {


Thanks very much!

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what line do you get this error? –  Barney Mar 7 '13 at 22:41

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In order to create/update/delete object you have to be signed in as user.


 final QBUser user = new QBUser("testuser", "testpassword");

 QBUsers.signIn(user, new QBCallbackImpl() {
                public void onComplete(Result result) {
                    if (result.isSuccess()) {
                        QBUserResult qbUserResult = (QBUserResult) result;
                    } else {
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