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Is there a way to get ALL valid resolutions for a given screen?

I currently have a dropdown that is populated with all valid screens (using Screen.AllScreens). When the user selects a screen, I'd like to present them with a second dropdown listing all valid resolutions for that display (not just the current resolution).

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I think it should be possible to get the information using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). WMI is accessible from .NET using the classes from them System.Management namespace.

A solution will look similar to the following. I don't know WMI well and could not immediately find the information you are looking for, but I found the WMI class for the resolutions supported by the video card. The code requires referencing System.Management.dll and importing the System.Management namespace.

var scope = new ManagementScope();

var query = new ObjectQuery("SELECT * FROM CIM_VideoControllerResolution");

using (var searcher = new ManagementObjectSearcher(scope, query))
    var results = searcher.Get();

    foreach (var result in results)
            "caption={0}, description={1} resolution={2}x{3} " +
            "colors={4} refresh rate={5}|{6}|{7} scan mode={8}",
            result["Caption"], result["Description"],
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Thank you for the response Daniel. I have been struggling with this for sometime now. With your above answer, I don't see how it relates to individual screens. With my dual displays setup, my video card may support up to 1900x1200, but my attached monitor has a max of 1280x1024. I don't see how to query for the resolutions for the individual displays... – aantix Oct 12 '09 at 15:41
You will have to search through the available WMI classes ... I am quite confident that there is a class providing the information you are looking for. Go to and search through the classes. – Daniel Brückner Oct 12 '09 at 17:35
@DanielBrückner: How can I make this code to work with windows 8? – Bijoy K Jose Oct 9 '13 at 8:59

The following link contains detailed code examples for this:

Task 2: Changing the Display Resolution

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The accepted answer doesn't seem to work on Windows 8.1, at least on my machine. The query runs fine but there are 0 entries in the results. And considering Bijoy K Jose's comment I suppose that I am not the only one.

However the validated answer for the following question worked out just fine : How to list available video modes using C#?

Thanks to Vimvq1987

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