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I am using Microsoft MapPoint 18.0 object library as a reference in VB 6.0 . After creating an object and passing the address parameters , the program doesnt return any latitude,longitude data for any valid address. was wondering if this is a dll issue for VB 6.0 ?

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You should be able to, but we have no idea what you are actually doing. Post your code and a description of where it is going wrong. Are valid objects being returned? Have you checked their other properties? Etc – winwaed Mar 8 '13 at 12:48

I just did a quick test using the reference "Microsoft MapPoint 19.0 Object Library (North America)" and the following code worked for me:

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim mmpApp As MapPoint.Application, mmpMap As MapPoint.Map, _
        mmpFindResults As MapPoint.FindResults

Set mmpApp = New MapPoint.Application
Set mmpMap = mmpApp.ActiveMap

Set mmpFindResults = mmpMap.FindAddressResults( _
        "24 Sussex Drive", _
        "Ottawa", _
        "", _
        "ON", _
        "", _

If mmpFindResults.ResultsQuality = geoFirstResultGood Then
    MsgBox "First result returned: (" & mmpFindResults(1).Latitude & "," & _
            mmpFindResults(1).Longitude & ")"
    MsgBox "The search returned poor, ambiguous, or non-existent results"
End If

Set mmpFindResults = Nothing
Set mmpMap = Nothing
Set mmpApp = Nothing
End Sub

I expect that it would also work under the 18.0 version.

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Yes it should work, but we don't know what the OP is/isn't doing. I would also note that your code is blindly assuming there is at least one good result returned. Before fetching the coordinate information, you should check the Results collection's ResultsQuality property. – winwaed Mar 8 '13 at 15:18
@winwaed Thanks for the advice. I have updated my answer. – Gord Thompson Apr 12 '13 at 15:30
It is a common problem that I see ("Why does this code crash?") - not helped by the examples in the documentation which also exclude the test! – winwaed Apr 17 '13 at 13:10

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