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I know that to avoid antialiasing effect in lines, I have to translate 0.5 px in the x and y coordinates.But this does not function in quadratic curves. I need to draw a quadratic curve without having the effect of the antialiasing. I need to draw letters with its coordinates x,y and the properties lineTo() and quadraticCurveTo(), but I do not want this letters to have antialiasing effect.

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Sadly, you currently can't turn off anti-aliasing.

The last time I checked whatWG was still thinking about adding this option, but so far no recommendation and no browser implements turning off anti-aliasing.

The closest we get is when drawing images:

context.imageSmoothingEnabled=false;  // see description below

Perhaps you can hack together something that uses drawImage() to render your letter-curves. I read somewhere that three.js uses this method to draw smoother curves--but memory fails about where.

Description of imageSmoothingEnabled

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