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Can you generate a full contract and request/response objects into Spring Source Web Service format with @EndPoint annotations from a WSDL?

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Those objects are not automatically generated. The WSDL would be the contract - there you'll find the targetNamespace and the localPart. E.g.

<xsd:schema targetNamespace="" xmlns="" xmlns:xsd="">
     <xsd:element name="myLocalPart">

The localPart ist the root XML element of your SOAP request payload. Now, you define an endpoint:

public class MyEndpoint {
    @PayloadRoot(namespace="", localPart="myLocalPart")
    public void handleRequest(@RequestPayload final Element elem) {
        // do something here...

If you've set up Spring-Ws dispatcher correctly, this would be sufficient for at least accepting the request. If you want the request to be automatically unmarshalled, you'll have to set up a marshaller/unmarshaller and define the OXM mapping somehow.

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As a sidenote: you can generate the WSDL (based on an XSD), but then you'd still need to type the XSD's yourself. – evandongen Mar 12 '13 at 9:20

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