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I have a list of bigrams of a sentence and another original list of relevantbigrams, I want to check that if any of the relevantbigrams are present in the sentences then I want to return the sentence. I was thinking of implementing it as follows: map each of the bigrams in the list to the sentence they come from then do a search on the key an return the value.


relevantbigrams = (This is, is not, not what)
bigrams List(list(This of, of no, no the),list(not what, what is))

So each list is a bigram of separate sentences. Here "not what" from the second sentence matches, so I would like to return the second sentence. I am planning to have a map of Map("This of" -> "This of no the", "of no" ->"This of no the", "not what"->"not what is"). etc. and return the sentences that match on relevant bigram, so here I return "not what is"

This is my code:

val bigram = usableTweets.map(x =>Tokenize(x).sliding(2).flatMap{case Vector(x,y) => List(x+" "+y)}.map(z => z, x))
for(i<- 0 to relevantbigram.length)
    if(bigram.contains(relevantbigram(i)))) bigram.get(relevantbigram(i))
    else useableTweets.head
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All the collection classes have forall and exists HOFs with take a predicate, apply it to elements of the collection and return true if that predicate is true of all (forall) or any (exists) of the elements of the collection. It sounds like that could help you. –  Randall Schulz Mar 8 '13 at 2:46

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You got the order or flatMap and map the wrong way around:

val bigramMap = usableTweets.flatMap { x => 
    x.split(" ").sliding(2).
      map(bg => bg.mkString(" ") -> x)
} toMap

Then you can do your search like this:

relevantbigrams collect { rb if theMap contains rb => bigramMap(rb) }


val found = 
  for { 
    rb <- relevantbigrams
    sentence <- theMap get rb
  } yield sentence

Both should give you a list, but from your code it appears you want to default to the first sentence if your search found nothing:

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