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Is it possible to configure a placeholder/rendering to force the "Select the Associated Content" (ie Data Source) dialog to appear in the Page Editor, even when the current page has a template that is allowed by the rendering control?

Update To clarify, here are the steps to reproduce (I'm running 6.6):

  1. Define a template Repro with a default layout that defines a related-repros placeholder
  2. Define a rendering Repro Rendering that allows has a single Datasource Template of Repro
  3. Define placeholder settings for related-repros that only allow Repro Renderings
  4. Create two content items based on Repro: Repro-1 and Repro-2
  5. Edit Repro-1 in Page Editor and add Repro-2 to the related-repros placeholder as a Repro Rendering

The "Select the Associated Content" dialog doesn't appear, requiring Repro-2 to be set after the fact by changing the data source. This is presumably because Repro-1 (the current page) is a valid value for the datasource of Repro Rendering. What I want to do is force the dialog to appear anyway.

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I tried to reproduce it, but couldn't: If I use the Page Editor to add a component that requires a data source of the same template that was used to create the current item, I still get the Associated Content dialog.

However, if I leave the Datasource Location field on the rendering empty, I am able to reproduce it. But in that case the dialog never shows, not even if the current item is of a different template.

Can you confirm that you have configured a Datasource Location value on your rendering?

Can you also confirm that you are running the latest revision of 6.6 (rev 20130214)?

If this suggestion is not the solution, I will dive into it further, because I'm positive that this would be quite easy to fix since this entire process can be manipulated using pipeline processors.

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Will confirm the relevance of Datasource Location. If it is indeed the problem, you can have the question and bounty. – Richard Szalay Apr 1 '13 at 10:09

Your question is not quite clear but I assume you are talking about the page editor and Placeholder settings?

In that case, if you set the "Datasource Template" field of a sublayout with the preferred template and the "Data source" field of the sublayout is not prefilled, the "select associated content" dialog appears automatically.

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Updated my question to be clearer. It looks like the dialog doesn't appear if the "Datasource Template" matches the current page. – Richard Szalay Mar 9 '13 at 23:04

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