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I have a bucket in S3 that contains files for a number of users, like so:


I am using the S3 REST API to grant a user privileges to POST to their subfolder in the S3 bucket. The path to post (for example, "user1/") is included in the signature, so the user cannot POST to another user's subfolder.

I want to use the S3 REST API to grant a user privileges to GET the file contents in their subfolder as well. However, according to the documentation here:


The URL can filter the contents of the bucket, like so:

GET /?prefix=user1 HTTP/1.1

But the string to sign does not have the prefix:

Tue, 27 Mar 2007 19:42:41 +0000\n

This means that user1 can modify the URL and look at other user2's subdirectory contents (!?!?).

Is there a way to limit what file contents are listed, or do I have to create a separate bucket for each user?


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You could sign the GET URLs with credentials for different IAM users, each with privilege for just the paths you want them to see.

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