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this link leads me to believe I can leverage GLMath from my xcode project.


GLMath. Prior to iOS 5, pretty much every game needed their own math library with common vector and matrix manipulation routines. Now with GLMath, most of the common math routines are there for you!

I've searched a bit but can't find how to link this all up.

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if you include the GLKit framework in your project (check your project settings under build phases -> link binary with...) you can get it by importing <GLKit/GLKMath.h> but if you import <GLKit/GLKit.h> you will get it anyway

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I thought that would have been the case. I was clumsy with finding the API calls. GLKMatrix4MakeLookAt was what I was looking for. Really didn't feel like writing my own for no reason. Thanks. – Aeluned Mar 14 '13 at 0:07

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