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What I Want

I need to create the posts on a page wall with a big preview pictures - like the ones that are displayed when you upload a photo. It will make sense to add those photos to the "Timeline Photos" album of a user (or page) using the Facebook Graph API.

Sure I can poll the users albums list and search for a type:"wall" one (i.e. the Timeline Photos in the English translation), but what if the album does not exist? How do I create one or how do I make Facebook Graph create it?

What Have I Tried

Tried posting to /me/feed with a message and a picture URL (params picture or source), but all it does is just create a type:"link" post with a small picture, while what I need is a type:"photo" one.

Once again, I need that because of the big photo that gets displayed on a wall if post is a photo. For instance, that happens when I upload a picture to the album that gets automatically created for my application. But the issue is that when there are several photos posted one after another, Facebook automatically groups them in a set that belongs to an album.


Basically, what I want to achieve is having an ability to send the posts to a page wall with big preview photos on the wall itself that are not grouped by an album name.

Please help. Thanks

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Solved by posting a photo to /{page-id}/photos.

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It should be noted that this solution does indeed resolve the issue for a Facebook Page, but does not address the problem for a specific user's "Timeline Photos". The only solution I've come across for that problem is the "poll the users albums list" suggested in the original question (which I agree is not ideal). – Curtis Gibby May 29 '14 at 19:35

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