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I am using PostgreSQL with ruby and rails app and have Postgres_copy gem installed

I have hotels table and want to import text file using function pg_copy_from the gem. Data in the file is separated by the "|" symbol.

So I have created rake task

namespace :db do
  namespace :import do
    desc "Copy hotels records to the database"
    task :hotels => :environment do
      Hotel.pg_copy_from 'db/ActivePropertyList.txt', :delimiter => '|', :map => {
        'HotelID' => 'ean_hotel_id',
        'SequenceNumber' => 'sequence_number',
        'Name' => 'name',
        'Address' => 'address'}

If i run rake db:import:hotels nothing happens. What could be the problem?


I noticed that when I run psql and try to see all realtions by \d command, it says "No relations found."

However, I ran rake:db:create:all and rake db:migrate commands and can see the schema file. Also, \l command in psql console shows my database.

Maybe it would be easier just to run

c = Hotel.connection.raw_connection
c.exec(%q{\copy hotels (hotel_id, name) FROM 'db/ActivePropertyList.txt' DELIMITER '|'})

, but I suggest nothing happens because of the missing relations.

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My import failed because of the upper-case issue that is common for the PostgreSQL. Renaming all header fields and database column names to lower case did the trick.

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