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The instructions currently in the README for the service_broker talk about setting some environmental variable, but those instructions are obsolete (yes, I'll issue a pull request).

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There are two options:

You can edit the deployment and rerun vcap_dev_setup:

In this case you simply need to edit the .../cloudfoundry/vcap/dev_setup/deployments/devbox.yml file (or whatever deployment file you are using) and add service_broker to the list of jobs:

  name: "devbox"

    - nats_server

    ... snip a bunch of other jobs ...

    - service_broker

and then rerun vcap_dev_setup.

But this takes a bit of time so the quicker solution if you already have vcap dev deployed is to...

Update your existing deployment

To do this, go into ...cloudfoundry/.deployments/devbox/config directory do two things:

  1. edit the vcap_components.json file adding "service_broker"
  2. drop a service_broker.yml file into that same directory

You can find a sample of the service_broker.yml in the ...cloudfoundry/vcap/services/service_broker/config directory - just make sure to set the values of the token, cloud_controller_uri, mbus, pid and local_db right - have a look at one of the other .yml files in the ...cloudfoundry/.deployments/devbox/config for examples.

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