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Is there a way I can see how a method works?

public void testAddNote() throws Exception {
    solo.clickOnMenuItem("Add note");
    //Assert that NoteEditor activity is opened
    solo.assertCurrentActivity("Expected NoteEditor activity", "NoteEditor"); 
    //In text field 0, add Note 1
    solo.enterText(0, "Note 1");

Is there a way I can see the source code for the goBack() method? new Solo() was declared. Is there a way I can see the Solo class? Where is it hidden? Thanks a lot.

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Java doesn't really have any magic. "solo" must be declared somewhere in the class. Eclipse should be able to find it if you ctrl-click on solo. Perhaps some plugin is hiding it from you? If you look at the raw .java file it HAS to be in there, probably as a member of the class you are working on--look for it near the class definition, or just do a text search in the entire file (I don't know how you are just viewing that method, but a single method is not enough to make anything work).

Once you find the type of the object "solo", you can find out about that type--worst case just google it.

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And here I was thinking I was Harry Potter while coding Java.. You ruined it for me :-( –  Thihara Mar 8 '13 at 3:03
If you want magic, try out Ruby (Or Groovy if you are good at java)--it's not all gone. –  Bill K Mar 8 '13 at 5:24

This depends on whether or not the class stored in the field solo, is in your project, or in an open source project. If it comes from a proprietary library you may not be able to see the code for it.

Java is not an interpreted language, it is a compiled language (well compiled to byte code at least). If the class comes from a jar file, you will probably need to find the source on your own on the web.


is an excellent resource for tracking down jar files, and their corresponding source-jar files.

And I'm guessing that it holds a Robotium class so you can also look here:


Perhaps it is this class? (or a subclass of it?)


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