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I am using two gems in my app, public_activity and acts_as_follower. I've got acts_as_follower set up fine where a user can follow another user as well as bands.

The problem is making a feed out of the activity from the objects you are following. Using Public activity, I have a global feed using the recommended method:

@activities = PublicActivity::Activity.order("created_at desc")

That works fine. However I would like also to have a following feed, which would reqiure something along the lines of:

@activities = PublicActivity::Activity.order("created_at desc").where(owner_id: current_user.all_following, owner_type: ????????)

Without specifying owner_type, a feed is created using only owner_id which is a problem because a user and a band can have the same id. How might I specify the owner type in this case?

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For users:

@activities = PublicActivity::Activity.where(owner_id: current_user.follows_by_type('User'), owner_type: 'User').order("created_at desc")

For bands:

@activities = PublicActivity::Activity.where(owner_id: current_user.follows_by_type('Band'), owner_type: 'Band').order("created_at desc")

For a mixture:

@activities = PublicActivity::Activity.where("(owner_id IN (?) AND owner_type = 'User') or (owner_id IN (?) AND owner_type = 'Band')", current_user.follows_by_type('User'), current_user.follows_by_type('Band')).order("created_at desc")
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Owen, here you use so called polymorphic associations try to figure out how they work. It is about just putting into the database not only ids, but the types of objects.

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