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Could someone please give a very simple C++11 example of a signal-slot connection in Qt 5 using the new syntax with function pointers where the signal/slot functions take more than 3 arguments? It is my understanding that if the signal/slot functions have more than 3 arguments, compilation fails if using C++98 with an error along the lines:

/Users/xxxx/Qt5.0.1/5.0.1/clang_64/include/QtCore/qobject_impl.h:82: error: excess elements in array initializer QtPrivate::QMetaTypeIdHelper::qt_metatype_id(), QtPrivate::QMetaTypeIdHelper::qt_metatype_id(), 0 }; return t; } }; ^

For completeness of the answer and everyones benefit, it would also be nice to see a connection of an overloaded signal to a slot with more than 3 arguments, again using C++11.


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This was a bug in Qt which has since been fixed.

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