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I'm having following codes in osclass\oc-content\themes\modern\item.php,

<strong class="share"><a href="#" id="map" rel="nofollow"><?php _e('Map', 'modern'); ?></a></strong>

<strong class="share"><a href="#" id="photo" rel="nofollow"><?php _e('Photo Gallery', 'modern'); ?></a></strong>

<div class="map" style="display:none;">
    <?php osc_run_hook('location'); ?> 

    <div class="slider-wrapper theme-light image" >
            <div id="slider" class="nivoSlider">                        
            <?php if( osc_images_enabled_at_items() ) { ?>
                <?php if( osc_count_item_resources() > 0 ) { ?>
                    <?php for ( $i = 0; osc_has_item_resources(); $i++ ) { if (osc_resource_for() == 2 ) {  ?>
                        <img src="<?php echo osc_resource_url(); ?>" width="100%" height="240px;" alt="<?php echo osc_item_title(); ?>" title="<?php echo osc_item_title(); ?>" />
                    <?php } } ?>
                <?php } ?>
            <?php } osc_reset_resources();  ?>  

and JavaScript code is,

$("#photo").click(function() {      

$("#map").click(function() {

here photo is loading as good. But map makes following problem when I click #map.

enter image description here

If I load map at 1st and set display:none; to .image means, map will be loaded as fully and good.

Where is the problem?

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I just tested version 3.1 and it's working on my localhost

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me too using same version. but not working. –  KarSho Mar 11 '13 at 4:29

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